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Ultralight antarctic speedster/explorer from Lotus

Posted in Technology with tags , on January 17, 2009 by twinforces

The vehicle in this entry is neither massproduced, nor available for acquisition by the general public, so strictly speaking it does not fit within the criteria for being reported here, but its design (and accompanying specs ), which gives it a distinct aircraft-like appearance, is just TOO intriguing not to mention.

Lotus, known for its fast and beautiful sports cars, has designed an ultralight vehicle, called the Concept Ice Vehicle which will join the upcoming Moon-Regan Transarctic Expedition in late 2009, where it will have a scouting role exploring the terrain ahead of the main expedition, hunting for obstacles and perils (such as deep cracks in the ice).

It has a small glass-fiber cockpit, 3 broad skis supporting it, and a rear-mounted propeller which powers the vehicle at speeds of up to 84 mph across the antarctic ice.
In addition, it is also equipped with a GPS-enhanced radar system which will be utilized in the terrain exploration, and the coordinates of any obstacles can be radioed back to to the rest of the team.

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