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Our universe might be a giant hologram

Posted in Physics, Science on January 20, 2009 by twinforces

A large-scale scientific experiment in Hannover,Germany might inadvertedly have picked up evidence for the existence of observable granularities in space-time, the fabric which makes up our universe. This might in turn be evidence for that we are in fact living inside a giant hologram.

The observations are consistent with and predicted by a theory in cosmology, which states that the internal structure of the universe can be described by the structure of its “surface”, which is the limit of our observable universe, approximately 14 Bn light years away. However, this is exactly analogous with the physical phenomenon of holography (which we encounter in our everyday lives by the 3D images on banknotes and credit cards) where light bounced off a 2D surface generates a 3D image), and that is why the theory is called “the holographic principle“. The theory also predicts that the smallest measurable unit of space-time will be larger (and thus detectable) inside the universe than on its surface..something which might turn up as static interference noise in laser beams,among other things…and this is exactly what happened in the experiment!