Gen-H4 One-man mini helicopter

Gen-H4 is a small,with the emphasis on SMALL, ultralight one-man helicopter invented by Gennai Yanagisawa, an 75-year old engine designer from Japan
(a more accurate description might possibly be “flying device”…).
There are various claims on the internet regarding its specifications, (possibly due to the existence of earlier versions)
but the company site states the following:

weight : 75kg
4×10 hp/125cc engines
2 counterrotating rotors : (diameter 4m)
Cruise speed : 100 kmh
Fuel consumption : 19 l/h
Autonomy : 60 minutes

Current cost approximately $60,000
(some sources claim $30,000)

Produced by Gen Corporation in Japan

English section (ugly!)

Site of US distributor AceCraft

News article with picture



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