CBS 60 Minutes on Mind-reading research

CBS 60 minutes on current research in mind-reading technology.

From the contents:

Researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University are using fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners to look inside our minds and detect our thoughts.

Among other things,they can tell which out of a number of objects the research subject is thinking of.
One of the reporters is shown 10 different images of objects,and instructed to think of them one at at time. A computer hooked up to the scanner successfully tells which object the reporter is thinking of, 10 out of 10 times,just by looking at the brain patterns produced by the scanner, even though it has never seen images of the reporter’s brain before!

-They have also devised experiments in which they can tell whether a person has seen a given environment before or not.This could be used to tell whether a suspected burglar has previously visited the victim’s home.

-They forecast that it would be possible to read a person’s mind by shining a light beam on the forehead of a person,which penetrates just beneath the skull bone, and by using detectors to study how the reflected light is modified by the activity in the brain lobes,while the person is being interviewed at an airport or similar situation,and without the person knowing it,and that such technology is being worked on right now.

They forecast that we will be able to read complex thoughts, not within 20 years, but within 3-5 years.

…& more.

How Technology May Soon Read Your Mind, 60 Minutes Incredible Research Lets Scientists Get A Glimpse At Your Thoughts – CBS (Transcript)



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