Aquada, amphibian sports car

Amphibian vehicles (except for a few minor production series in the 50ies) have traditionally looked really,really ugly,as they have mainly been intended for use by the military or by public administration (coast guard etc) .
However, if you are a successful silicon valley entrepreneur, or perhaps the Sultan of Brunei, and you would like to own an amphibian vehicle, then you DON’T want it to look like a deformed WWI tank.
Up to now,there hasn’t been a good solution to this problem,but now an English company has designed an amphibian SPORTS CAR , worthy of a James Bond movie.
The Gibbs Aquada can reach speeds of 100mph (160kmh) on land and 30 mph on water (26 knots).
You just drive it into the water, the wheels lift and fold,
and within 12 seconds you find yourself driving a flat-bottomed,planing speedboat.
The Aquada currently retails in an early production version at about £150000 in the UK , and is scheduled to go on sale in the US during 2009 for under $100 000.
Gibbs is also developing HSA (High Speed Amphibian), the technology that is at the core of the Aquada , into a separate technology that will allow external fitting to ANY sports car,which will transform it into a high-speed amphibian vehicle.


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